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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the goal of Jetif?

A: To provide a powerful, reflexible framework for both Unit-Testing and Functional-Testing in Java software development.

Q: Is Jetif an extension to JUnit? Why I need junit.jar to run Jetif?

A: Jetif is not an extension to JUnit, but a replacement of JUnit, it doesn't depend on any other testing framework. You need junit.jar only if you are going to run legacy JUnit test cases in Jetif, otherwise the junit.jar is unnecessary.

Q: What does the version number means?

A: The version number of Jetif consists of major, minor and revision number, in the format of [major].[minor].[revision].

A major number increment comes with significant infrastructure changes. A customer program which want to upgrade to new version may need some code changes to adapt with the new version, because some APIs may be removed or changed since the new version.

A minor number increment comes with an significant enhancement. There may be some new features and new APIs available, and some old APIs may become deprecated status.

A revision number increment comes with minor API changed, or some defects fixed. No change (but may be re-compiling) is required to custom code for upgrade.


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